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My name is Percy Kwong. This is my blog and place where I can post things of interest to me, rants, feelings, hobbies, loves, etc. I’m an enterprise systems technology consultant with heavy experience in the Healthcare and New Media verticals. I’d like to think I’m extremely technical, but I’ll leave it up to you (read my postings). I have a passion for VOIP. If you are looking for someone to help you, I’m always happy to help.

I’m here on this planet to survive. Survival unfortunately [sic] means keeping up with the rat race and making as much money as I need to do the things I choose to do. I am not greedy; I just want to be able to support my family.

I consult for a living. I have this blog, because I want to help people.

If you’d like to help hire me to do some consulting, please feel free to use the contact form.  I also do technology admin and architecture as well as remediation. (I know my way around a P&L also).

If you find this blog important and extremely useful, please donate.  It helps to pay for hosting.  Also, if you decide to buy something mentioned in this post, please use the links in this post.

I also have extensive experience in Business Strategy Consulting.  Business Models, P&Ls, etc.

This blog is dedicated to my daughter.  May she be happy wherever she is.  I love you darling.



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