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Due to Comcast’s Traffic Inspection, I’m implementing a new VPN server. Anyone wanna share?

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So here’s the deal. As we all know, Comcast and pretty much every other major ISP is now inspecting every little bit of traffic we use.  My little Amazon VPN instance has served me well, but Amazon has been a bit restrictive as to the bandwidth I’m allotted on a micro-instance.  That being said, I’m going to be building / implementing a new “bigger” and “better” VPN server.  Since the server is much bigger with a network interface isn’t restricted, I was wondering if a few people would like to share the server with me?

The only thing the server will not allow is outgoing traffic to destination port 25.  In other words, I’m disallowing spammers. You will not be prevented from connecting to your local mailserver using SMTP authentication.  It’s a fair trade-off.  I’m also not in the business of helping spammers.

So here are the parameters for setup on the server:

1. Absolutely NO LOGS will be kept.  Everything goes to /dev/null.  No exceptions.  Don’t ask me whether your connections are going through.  The bottom line is once you’re up and running, it’ll just “work”.  If your connection to a site / service isn’t going through, it’s because you either did something or the site is blocking you.

2. Nothing will be blocked, restricted, etc.

3. You can have a public IP address if you are willing to fit the extra $5.00 per month for the IP.  Otherwise, your traffic will be mixed in with everyone else’s.

4. The server will enjoy the usual uptime I have for most of my servers.. (Pretty much 99.999).

5. There will be a limit of 20 accounts on the server.  I’d like to keep overhead low and performance high. I’m not about oversubscribing anything. 🙂

I am the only person that will have administrative access to the server.  (It’s secure).

The server will be centrally located in the US (Texas) for minimum latency to each coast.  It’ll reside on multiple internet backbones (for best routing and minimum latency).

Just contact me if you’re interested.  Use the contact form.

The cost will be $10.00 per month.  Once I have 20 ppl who have committed, it’ll take one day to bring up.



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