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  1. Seriously Speeding up Windows 7 and other Computers [Bootcamp compatible] | Swimming In Thought

    […] as you are reading to the drives, add tons of memory, a fiber channel interface or use SSDs in a RAID configuration.  Then tune the crap out of it and use Amazon’s CDN to help reduce the load on your […]

  2. Driyans
    Driyans 2012/06/14 at 5:42 am | | Reply

    This entry is great.I decided to go with eight 200GB plralael ATA drives. They’re Seagates and they run nice and quiet and cool. With a 3Ware Escalade 7506-8 controller I have plenty of performance for my 1.4 terrabyte RAID-5. 160GB drives might have been cheaper but I couldn’t fit 1+TB in a mid tower with only 160GB per drive.

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