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Recommended Products / Services

I am very selective about the products I recommend.  These are the products that not only have I tested thoroughly, but have never failed me.  Support these publishers and this blog.  Buy products from this page using the links provided.

Supermicro Motherboards – They work well and have proven chipsets.

3Ware RAID Cards: They’re one of the best in the industry.  They work and I’ve never lost data with them. Remember to buy the battery backup option.

Supermicro Cases: Talk about seriously over-engineered cases.  They cool well and are built to last. Quality beyond anything on the market.

OCZ SSD Drives:  The best on the market.  End of Discussion.

Linode: One of three cloud providers I recommend and use.  Their customer support is second to none.  Their bandwidth and architecture is rock-solid and the interface is much easier to use than any of the others.

Polycom Phones: Sip Compliant, Easy to work with, and they work well.

Revo Uninstaller:I do all my installs and uninstalls with this program.  It gets everything and fixes it right.

Auslogics Boostspeed: This one is definitely a winner.  It brings your computer back to life, cleans up your registry fixes many problems.

Acronis TrueImage:  Honestly the best Backup for PCs I’ve come across.  It actually works and restores are incredibly fast.

Power-Undelete: Recovered 3.5 TB of data completely from a reformatted Partition on a Promise R6 Array.  If this product can do this, there’s very little it can’t do. 0% data loss.

WP Affiliate Platform: A rock-solid, easy to use WordPress affiliate program for your products and services.

WP E-Commerce: Need to implement a web-store?  Using WordPress, I’ve tested this extensively and have deployed it to multiple customers.

WP PDF Stamper: No better way too protect your digital goods (ebooks).

The Cisco ATA-3102: A great ATA that is flexible and dynamic.  Never had a problem with one

Panasonic Dect Handset Wireless for Use with ATA: not only does it work extremely well, but calls are encryted and you can link this to your Mobile Phone via Bluetooth.  I own 5 of them.

Plantronics M214C Headset (corded):  A perfect companion for the Panasonic DECT phone above.  I swear by them and have been using them for years.  High Quality with all you need in function.

Refurbished Dell Perfect For Firewall (Just Add Dual Intel NIC Card Below):  These are the best firewalls you can get for the money.  Just add the Intel Dual NIC Card Below.  Make sure you have 1 GB RAM.

Intel Dual NIC Card For firewall.  Make sure it’s not PCI-X.:  Build the perfect firewall by adding this card to a refurbished Dell Optiplex with 1GB Ram. License Free VPN, Ultra Fast, better than a Cisco.

Powerware UPS:  They’re the best of the best.  Guaranteed to save your equipment.  I exclusively use dual-conversion UPS products, but not everyone has it in their budget.  If you have to go Line-Interactive, it’s still better than any other product out there unless you really spend the bucks like I did.

Wintec Filemate Cardbus SSD: I usually buy the 96 GB version, but they’re great.  Install the OS on that and keep your HDD or internal SSD for data.  Much faster and switching OS’s couldn’t be easier!  Just keep a few around.  Also great replacement for a USB flash drive too.


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